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The Ants of Korea
The First Ant Guide book from Korea

All About Korean Ants (352pp)

The ants of Korea, the first professional ant guide book with fabulous photographs of Korean ants was published in June 2017. This book contains the descriptions for 78 species of Korean ants both worker and queen castes, 12 species of myrmecophile animals, field photos for each ant species, and taxonomic keys for Korean ant genera and species. This book is not only for experts but also for amateurs who are interested in ants.


The Encyclopedia of Korean Ants

Beautiful photos with brief ecological descriptions of Korean ants (232pp)

Ants are social insects, often referred to as superorganisms that live as a colony. The colony of ants contains hundreds to millions of individuals in a single colony, which is varied species by species. Ants can be found virtually every terrestrial ecosystem on our planet. Like human beings, they do fight against other ants, cultivate foods, cooperate with other organisms, and even betray others. I have been fascinated by these successful insects for more than 10 years and tried to understand who they are and what they do. Throughout the years of field expeditions in Korea, I have met many wonderful ants and hope to introduce the beauty of ants to readers. In this book, 105 species of ants in Korean peninsula were presented with brief descriptions including high-quality pictures. I hope you enjoy reading this book and find out their beauty.


1. A Taxonomic Study on the Genus Strumigenys Smith, 1860 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from Korea with a description of new species